Choose Your Movies and the Perfect Opening

Choose Your Movies and the Perfect Opening

In this year 2021, is the young generation going to the cinema? The answer is yes and Snapchat has some info on the subject! The queen application of the ephemeral has just unveiled some data concerning the way in which its young users organize their cinema outings.

The Generations and More

As you know, on a daily basis, the Air of Melty editorial staff’s mission is to help you always better understand the young generation and what makes them vibrate in terms of areas of interest . In this regard, we show you regularly that fashion is an important subject for those under 35, even if the rise of a “Less Generation” now suggests consuming less but better. Also, as we know, if there is one other subject that comes up regularly in the conversations of young people, it is clearly entertainment. You can watch free movies online and find the best details there.

The Explorations

Whether it’s music, series or cinema, 20-35 year olds love to discover new content of the genre. And today, Snapchat is teaching us more on the subject, by focusing on the practices of its users in terms of behavior related to movie outings. If these figures do not concern the whole of the young generation, they allow in any case to highlight general trends at a time when Snapchat is establishing itself as the favorite social network of under 35s with Instagram . So, what marks the film moments of these young people? When do they go to the movies and what do they do before and after? Answer here.

  • The study signed by Snapchat and unveiled in February 2018 reveals that the preferred days for Snapchatters to go to the cinema are Friday and Saturday, essentially. The third most popular day is Tuesday, which often benefits from advantageous price offers. We find here the existence of a generation which seeks good plans, therefore.
  • Also, the end of the day sessions is the most popular for this target, with more traffic between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. But above all, what the study sheds light on is what Snapchatteurs do before and after their cinema session. Verdict? Before going to the cinema, young people seem to want to take advantage of.
  • Thus, we find them especially in parks, in stores for small purchases of food or preparation of the evening. After the cinema session, on the other hand, the moment of entertainment continues since we mainly find young Snapchatters at bowling, in brasseries, restaurants, cafes or even gaming establishments.

The Final Words

Finally, according to the Snapchat study, what sets movie-loving Snapchatters apart from other platform users is the fact that they are twice as likely to take part in family-oriented activities and to commerce in general. For example, they are 2.3 times more likely to go to amusement parks, 2.5 times more likely to buy toys and games and 2.1 times more likely to like sweets and treats of all kinds. . In short, cinema lovers are a target to reach if you are a brand in this field!